Vision & Objectives

The vision of ISM is to build a vibrant semiconductor and display design and innovation ecosystem to enable India’s emergence as a global hub for electronics manufacturing and design in a more structured, focused, and comprehensive manner through various mechanisms including: -

  • Formulation of a comprehensive long-term strategy for developing semiconductors & display manufacturing facilities and semiconductor design ecosystem in the country in consultation with Government ministries / departments / agencies, industry, and academia.
  • Facilitation in the adoption of trusted electronics through secure semiconductors and display supply chain, including raw materials, specialty chemicals, gases, and manufacturing equipment.
  • Enabling a multi-fold growth of Indian semiconductor design industry by providing requisite support in the form of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, foundry services and other suitable mechanisms for early-stage start-ups.
  • Promoting indigenous Intellectual Property (IP) generation and encourage, enable and incentivize Transfer of Technologies (ToT).
  • Enabling collaborations and partnership programs with national and international agencies, industries and institutions for catalysing collaborative research, commercialization and skill development.